The IAYG Family is made possible by dedicated volunteer team members. If you are looking for a chance to advance global awareness, defend our fragile planet, and take leadership on improving education and opportunities for young people, we are looking for you. For as little as a few hours every weekend, help carry our mission forward.

Apply for an opportunity

Are you passionate about the environment? Geography and global citizenship? Education for the developing world? Helping young people in need? If so, we’re looking for you.

Translate your passions into action, demonstrate leadership in education, and contribute to the future of geographic and environmental education as a volunteer team member. We’re grateful for your time and interest, and look forward to hearing from you.

Who are we looking for?

The IAYG Family is a network of changemakers in geographic, global, and environmental education: a small start to a better world. We are an open, grassroots organization. We’re looking for people from all backgrounds: students, teachers, academics, professionals, and community members. Many positions on our team don’t require background experience. We don’t ask you to take a test. But we look for passion, dedication, and a commitment to getting things done. 

More information about eligibility for team and leadership positions can be found in position descriptions. 

What drives us

We work towards a society where every young person can learn about, engage, and advocate for their world. It’s a big goal for a young organization, and we’ve only scratched the surface. But when we and our affiliates start Liberia’s first GIS conference, or introduce civic education programmes in Rwanda, that future becomes closer. As we undergo a significant transformation, and extend our mission further, we hope that you’ll carry that vision forward with us. 

Current Team Members: Relevant opportunities are also listed on the Opportunities page. If the opportunity you’re looking for is not listed, it may be open to direct applications only.

Assistance: If you need any help with applying for an opportunity or wish to learn more about this site, please contact Communications Representative Atharva Tyagi at [email protected]